Easy To Use Interface
The EvacMate web interface allows users to see the status of an evacuation or lockdown in real time.
Powerful Sensors
EvacMate sensors use bright LEDs which are visible through heavy smoke from up to 4m away.

Life Preservation Increased
EvacMate provides Wardens and Emergency Services with real time information to focus their attention on the areas where lives are most at risk.

Creating Best Practice
Reducing the time taken to clear buildings during an emergency is essential. Post evacuation or lockdown training reports allow review and improvement on the effectiveness of your procedures and plans.

Bird’s Eye View of Evacuations
Using EvacMate, Chief Wardens and Emergency Services are able to observe the clearance or lockdown of rooms, zones, floors and buildings in real-time.

Assists Emergency Services
Using real time information, EvacMate enables Emergency Services to locate your facility or building more easily, plan more effectively and improve the rescue operation in these critical moments.

Raising the Standard
EvacMate will be the best practice for the way you track and view an evacuation or lockdown. Our system provides a simple and effective solution that raises the standard of evacuation procedures. Whether it’s a single or multi-tenanted building, EvacMate creates calm through concise, real-time communication.

The Simple Solution
EvacMate’s solution creates calm and reduces the time taken to evacuate or lockdown a building. Our  system simplifies your procedures with our innovative technologies, whilst allowing emergency services knowledge of what is occuring at the same time.